We’re experts across the crowdfunding ecosystem,

connecting capital between investors and entrepreneurs.

Equity Crowdfunding

Crowdfund.co specializes in equity-based crowdfunding for companies at nearly every stage and in nearly every industry. Helping your business raise capital is what we do best.

Debt Crowdfunding

Crowd lending and crowd-based loans are quickly becoming a meaningful asset class for businesses small and large and it’s an area in which we’re deeply invested.

Investors + Entrepreneurs

When you help to combine some of the most successful investors and entrepreneurs on some of the best deals, magic happens.

Fundraiser Consulting

Businesses small and large rely on our expertise in helping them to navigate the treacherous crowdfunding waters.

Crowdfunding Platforms

We work directly with and consult for some of the most well-recognized equity crowdfunding platforms on the market.

Public Offerings

We help to take crowdfunded companies public, providing liquidity for both investors and company founders.

While crowdfunding is not a new method for raising capital, we do believe that its potential to impact entrepreneurs around the world cannot be understated. By helping determined individuals and amazing businesses source the capital they need to grow, we are fortunate enough to have a front row seat to many of the exciting innovations shaping the world.

As a team of licensed investment bankers with interests ranging from real estate to technology, eCommerce, blockchain, and beyond we are excited to hear about your project and how we can assist in your crowdfunding efforts.

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