Raise Money Online with Crowd Funding

Executing Your Crowd Campaign is as Easy as One, Two, Three
Regardless of your reasons for doing so, raising money can be challenging. However, Crowdfundraiser makes it easier for you to create and even promote a campaign that can help you achieve your goals quickly. This post is a step by step guide specifically designed to help you make the most of a fund raising campaign on Crowdfundraiser. With an exciting and attractive campaign, you will be able to raise more money.

If you’ve already created your campaign, you don’t need to be disheartened. You can easily go back, and edit some part of it to improve the quality. The only aspects of the campaign you won’t be able to edit include the end date, category and goal amount.If times runs out, and you still haven’t reached your goal, it is possible to launch the campaign. It is important to understand that you will have to raise atleast $10 for your fundraising campaign to be visible on Crowdfundraiser. Here are some key steps to start raising money with Crowdfundraiser.

Set the Goal Amount

This if the first step of the process. Your goals need to be realistic. It’s likely that Crowdfundraiser won’t help you make millions of dollars. However, you can still raise about $5,000 to publish an album, $50,000 for medical expenses or $500 for a return flight to your kid’s birthday. It is important to define your budget and set realistic expectations.

Create an Effective Campaign Title

Your campaign title will be the first thing visitors would see on Crowdfundraiser. Thus, it needs to be attractive and catchy. You should keep it short and simple. When people browse a page for campaigns, you should stand apart from the competition. There are three tips you can keep in mind while creating a campaign title:

  • Make it informative. The more detail you include, the more people will be educated on the benefits of funding as well as the potential pitfalls of your particular project.
  • Try to grab attention. Use buzzwords, good graphics, catchy slogans, compelling arguments and even humor. Each of these will increase exposure for your particular campaign.
  • Don’t seem too desperate. Confidence, not desperation, wins projects backers. Put your best foot forward, even if you are trying to finance a cause for charity.

Add a YouTube Video and/or Image

With a compelling YouTube video or an image, you can easily attract more contributors. The video or image you choose should be displayed right below the title. Thus, you need to spend some time to create an image or video that looks exceptional. If you’re to choose between the two, videos are always more effective than images.

According to statistics, campaigns with videos are able to raise about four times the money than campaigns without a video. In case you plan to use an image, you should choose something that reflects your fundraiser. For instance, you can include :

  • Book or album cover
  • Business logo
  • Yourself or someone you’re supporting
  • Photography or Artwork
  • Pets who need help
  • Shots of your community

The same is true for creating a video. It should talk about the reason you’re asking for funds, and what you want to accomplish with them. For instance, it may include a small trailer of a film you want to create or performances from people who’re supporting you. High quality videos will always attract more contributors.

Choose a Category

There’s nothing confusing about this stage of the process. You just need to choose a category which is relevant to your fundraising campaign. In case you’re not sure, you can look around to check what other campaigners are choosing for their fund raising campaigns.

Provide a Detailed Description

It is very important to make sure your fundraising campaign is not hidden. There are times when you may want to create a private campaign. If you click the “Hide from Search” box, you will be allowed to send links to your campaign to people of your choosing. However, your campaign won’t be visible to other people surfing the Internet. Since most people want to raise a lot of money on Crowdfundraiser, it is important to make sure you don’t check the “Hide from Search” box.

While creating your campaign, this will be the key to your success. Once you’ve created an attractive title, and compelling video or photo to convince potential contributors to click the link to your campaign, this will be the chance to convince the contributors to fund.

The description can be considered your sales pitch. You need to cover every aspect of your campaign, and explain why you’re looking for the funding. The description should include every minute detail, but not make you look desperate. Rather than focusing on the money, you should focus on the cause.Idea-1

Motivate Contributors with Rewards

There are still some people who contribute towards a cause for charitable purposes. However, others need some sort of motivation and encouragement. You can motivate potential contributors with rewards. These may include small gifts, letters of appreciation or almost anything else that would make them feel good about helping your cause.

Share the Campaign

Regardless of the quality of your campaign, it won’t be effective if people aren’t unable to find it. Like everything else, fundraising also needs to be talked about to generate some interest. In order to attract more contributors, you will have to share the campaign via various channels on the Internet (blogs, news outlets, social media, etc.). You will also have to focus on four key aspects :

  • Quantity – To determine the number of times your campaign is shared
  • Quality – To make sure your campaign is high quality
  • Variety – The content should be versatile and stand apart
  • Frequency – The frequency of your campaign being shared should be high

Update the Campaign Regularly

Updating your campaign on a regular basis is one of the best and most effective ways to share the progress. Contributors always want to know how funds are being used, and what you’ve accomplished to achieve your goals. Every campaign update on Crowdfundraiser is sent to contributors. Updates can also be shared by contributors on various networks. Your updates may even inspire them to share more.

Fulfill Promised Rewards

It is extremely important to follow through the promise of giving rewards to contributors. Crowdfundraiser provides you with many different tools to collect contact information, and send rewards. Whether you want a mailing address, download link or email address, you will not experience any problems.

It is important to understand that nobody likes a spammer. Thus, you should avoid being one. You should never post any links on other Crowdfundraiser campaigns or blogs without seeking permission. All you have to do for raising money and seeking support is ask.