Crowdfunding FAQs

Crowdfunding FAQs was built by entrepreneurs and investment bankers with an aim toward providing equity and debt financing from accredited investors for business and real estate projects.

Why are all your listings private?

We maintain private listings for all of our deals to protect both investors and issuing companies. The best private offerings are not typically thrilled about having the world know about their offering as it can disrupt operations if word were to get out that they are raising capital.

What can I raise money for?

This is not rewards-based crowdfunding. We assist in raising both debt and equity capital for business and real estate projects under Regulation D section 506(c). That is, we accept Accredited Investors only for investments in private deals.

Is safe?

We utilize standard protocols for software security. We also do not expose specific details about the companies we list directly on the website, which helps maintain privacy and security for both issuers and investors alike. Furthermore, investments by Accredited Investors are made off-site through third party tools.

What does it cost to raise capital?

We typically charge a listing fee and a back-end success fee. Both listing fees and success fees are dependent on a number of factors including the size of the deal, type of company, structure of the offering and amount of direct assistance by your investment banking team.

Do I have to use my own name?

All deals listed on and are “blind.” That is, they exclude business and personally identifiable information, which we do to protect both investors and company issuers. However, once investors are introduced, you will be required to make disclosures to investors.

Are there time limits?

While our website does not include time limits, the deals themselves typically include specific time restrictions as to when capital needs have a cut-off date.

Will I have access to investor information?

Because all potential investors will be introduced prior to any investment being made, it is actually more likely that an issuer will have access to more data on potential investors than those who actually invest in their deal.

Do I need to have an entity?

In order to raise capital, you must have a legal entity under which you can do so (e.g. C-corp, S-corp, LLC, etc.).

Do I need a private placement?

Yes. You will need to get a complete private placement memorandum (PPM), specifically under Regulation D 506(c). Contact us if you need assistance here.

Should I engage an attorney?

Yes. We do not provide legal advisory services. However, if you do not have an attorney, we can make several good recommendations that are cost-effective.

Can I keep the campaign private?

Although it’s possible to hide the campaign from being visible in the directory, everyone with your campaign link will be able to access the campaign. You can’t keep the campaign completely private.

Who can invest?

Investments are restricted to Accredited Investors only. Accredited investors must be third-party verified.

What about taxes?

Taxes are handled separately using tax planners and tax advisors. We do not advise on taxes or ideal tax structures for your deal.

Are private donations possible?

Private donations are possible with Crowdfundraiser. Donors just have to check a box to keep their identity hidden from the general public. But the organize will know about the donor’s identity.

How can you share the campaign?

Each campaign on is given an exclusive link that’s very easy to share with other people. In fact, you can also customize the link. Thus, sharing the campaign with other people is very easy with the website’s built-in features, like Facebook posting and email invitations.

Can non-U.S. based companies participate?

No. Our offerings are currently restricted to U.S. based companies.