Oxygen Delivery Technology

Project Oxygen Delivery Technology

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Every cell in the human and animal body needs oxygen to heal and thrive.

The company is seeking $1.5 million to expand sales and distribution of a (10+ year) successful line of human vitality supplements through additional Travel Centers (Love’s, TA/Petro, Pilot), Truck Stops, and convenience stores nationwide.

Funds will used for current sales expansion as well as the introduction of an exclusive line of consumer products enhanced with a Patented Oxygen Molecule powder. Our patented oxygen powder can be administered 4 ways (topically, orally, intramuscularly and intravenously) to human and animal bodies providing potent usable oxygen directly to wounded or damaged cells; and to provide higher oxygenation of healthy cells for increased performance and vitality each day.

Research conducted at Baylor University over a 4-year period has led to 13 US Patents (5 issued, 8 pending) and 4 International Patents.

Initial oxygen-enhanced products are Pre-Workout and Post-Workout Recovery drinks that one of the largest nutritional products retailers (6000+ locations) has shown great interest in for an early 2019 launch. A major key to success will be the ability to use our existing sales channels to rapidly grow sales of additional products alongside our existing line.

A fascinating and insightful presentation by the Baylor research scientist is now available on-demand upon request.