Electric Vehicle

Project Electric Vehicle Sports Car

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The Company is currently seeking $6M from accredited investors in a private placement to support management’s need for working capital and to finance a planned Regulation A offering. The Company plans to manufacture and sell luxury and high performance electric vehicle sportscars.

Their proprietary engineering, including a universal chassis, will allow the Company to produce other electric vehicles to target profitable niche markets within the EV industry.
The Company is positioned to capitalize on the luxury and performance segment of the electric vehicle (EV) market. By targeting a niche luxury market and adopting a manual production assembly line the Company has created a one-of-a-kind vehicle that has received praise from leading publications in the automotive world.

The Company has a production facility capable of producing 5,000 units using a manual production line and just in time, lean manufacturing. Their highly coordinated production system has been designed to deliver upscale clientele the quality, luxury, and performance they demand.

The Company is well-positioned to capitalize on the rise in popularity of EVs and the eventual tipping point when the cost of an electric vehicle is the same as an internal combustion model; forecasted to occur as soon as 2022.

The founders have extensive experience in design, engineering, production, automated equipment, and a passion for Clean Tech and the environment.