Project Agriculture Technology

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The Company was formed in 2009 to provide Accredited Investors with access to institutional solutions to today’s problems of wealth protection, income generation and legacy investing.

The concept allows Accredited Investors to participate in the direct ownership of productive agricultural land. Investing to a specific mandate developed over 9-years that has been crafted to extract the most attractive blend of risk and reward from the ownership and operation of farming properties; the Company acquires and develops underutilized land for the production of high value crops and commodities.

The founding partners of the Company have managed a number of successful acquisition-to-disposal investments in farms and other production level agricultural projects in the United Kingdom, Latin America, Australia, and the United States of America and more recently acquiring and expanding an existing farming business in Costa Rica. The experience garnered by working with both institutions and private investors, and by utilizing various investment strategies, the Company is well positioned to provide the most profitable and suitable strategy for its Members.

The Company is seeking USD $3mil out of a total $5mil raise to fund their latest project; a 155-acre blueberry and hazelnut farm located in Northwestern, USA. Prior to seeking external funding, the Company has purchased the property and fully developed 70-acres by planting 15,150 Hazelnut Trees and developed the remaining farmable 40-acres by planting 116,160 blueberry bushes.

State of the art technology has been implemented on the property and a local farming expert has been retained to manage the property on the behalf of the Company and its investors. Having already succeeded in developing and operating another farm in the local area, the Company is well placed in the local economy with local buyers already in place for the produce.

For investors seeking to diversify their portfolio into a recession-hedging, productive, hard asset, register your interest today.

Investors Sought: Accredited Investors (if US-based) / Foreign Investors / Institutional Investors

Minimum Investment: USD $30,000 (1 Membership)

Maximum Investment: USD $3,000,000 (100 Memberships)

Investment Term: The management team aim to secure a profitable exit strategy for Members after 10-years targeting a net pre-tax annualized return to investors of between 15-25%+.


Those Members wishing to retain their investment for the long-term are welcome to do so as this option is not mandatory and the business will be operational for 60+ years, providing income throughout for investors.


Exit options include a refinancing of the properties to make a reasonable offer of a buyback, and a disposal of the company’s assets, including the properties.