Active Crowdfunding Deals

The following are active Regulation D 506(c) investment opportunities for accredited investors only.

Some of the deals listed here have not been registered in every state or applicable jurisdiction. Investors interested in any of the following deals will be required to identify their applicable state of residence and may be precluded from seeing the precise details of the opportunity until such registration or state notice filing occurs. This does not represent an offering of securities until an complete offering memorandum, including private placement documentation is shared directly by the issuer.

Project Great Lakes

Project Great Lakes

The Firm is seeking investments for three funds (the “Funds”) that vary in length from one- to five-year terms. The Funds have been organized to offer Institutional Investors and Accredited Investors a preferred rate of return on fixed income by creating an Alternative Strategy to Traditional Fixed Income.

Oxygen Delivery Technology

Project Oxygen Delivery Technology

The company is seeking 1.5 million to expand sales and distribution of a (10+ year) successful line of human vitality supplements through additional Travel Centers (Love’s, TA/Petro, Pilot), Truck Stops, and convenience stores nationwide. Initial oxygen-enhanced products are Pre-Workout and Post-Workout Recovery drinks that one of the largest nutritional products retailers (6000+ locations) has shown great interest in for an early 2019 launch.

Powering the Internet of Things

Project Battery-Free IOT

Two technologies that have been successfully demonstrated for three years can produce enough electricity to power a wide range of Internet of Things (IoT) wireless sensors and other low-power devices without batteries. Tens and possibly hundreds of billions of such devices are likely to be deployed in the next decade alone.

A definitive market study has concluded that such unprecedented growth in the population of IoT devices cannot be realized without the successful introduction of battery-less power sources, the essential performance of which has only been achieved to date by these technologies. They are the subject of 13 issued and allowed US patents and are advancing to the market at a national lab research center.

A long-established American company is seeking up to $4 million to position itself to begin negotiating licensing agreements in 2019.

Powering Sports Cars

Project Electric Vehicle

The Company is currently seeking $6M from accredited investors in a private placement to support management’s need for working capital and to finance a planned Regulation A offering. The Company plans to manufacture and sell luxury and high performance electric vehicle sportscars.

Their proprietary engineering, including a universal chassis, will allow the Company to produce other electric vehicles to target profitable niche markets within the EV industry.

Agriculture Technology

Project Agtech

The concept allows Accredited Investors to participate in the direct ownership of productive agricultural land. Investing to a specific mandate developed over 9-years that has been crafted to extract the most attractive blend of risk and reward from the ownership and operation of farming properties; the Company acquires and develops underutilized land for the production of high value crops and commodities.