Crowdfund Consulting


While we don’t offer investment advice, we do provide the perfect environment and deal structure which allows the crowd to not only determine the right opportunities, but also how much and when such investments are made. We use both public and private equity to maximize the effectiveness of crowdfunding opportunities.


We work with both portal designers, technologists and market specialists to craft the right strategy for taking your crowdfund idea and platform to market. Our team has extensive expertise in both building platforms and launching campaigns for both reward and equity-based crowdfund portals.


We solve the crowdfund investor liquidity problem by tapping public equity for investors. We provide crowdfunded companies with the public equity opportunity they need to be able to recoup their investment dollars without having to wait years to do so.


We work seamlessly with every equity crowdfunding portal on the market. By partnering with portals, rather than competing with them, our investors are able to view dealflow across a wide spectrum of existing opportunities.

Our crowdfund consulting services help both investors and entrepreneurs maximize investments in time and capital.