October 22, 2015

When Filing Your Regulation A+, Don’t Forget What’s Required by FINRA Rule 5110

You may be well aware that if you’re an issuer about to raise funds via Regulation A+, and are planning to use any type of broker-dealer […]
October 6, 2014

What Will Crowdfunding Trends Be Like in 5 Years?

It’s no secret that crowd funding has changed the way entrepreneurs have raised money for their startup business ideas and projects and even the way they’ve […]
October 2, 2014

Crowdfunding Beyond Money

Crowdfunding is an excellent business financing avenue. Business owners are able to raise money directly from regular people who are more approachable than venture capitalists and […]
September 25, 2014

Crowdfunding for Healthcare & Medical Costs

Mary was diagnosed with a serious illness and required a surgery that would cost thousands of dollars. At the time of the diagnosis, Mary was in […]
September 9, 2014

Crowdfunding Sites To Fuel Your Dream Project

There is a Crowdfunding site for everyone. It is imperative to note that with the advent of Crowdfunding, different platforms became stratified to support different projects. […]
September 7, 2014

Crowdfunding For Established Businesses

Individuals who are new to the Crowdfunding industry will often assume that Crowdfunding is meant to benefit companies that are just starting out or firms that […]
September 3, 2014

Big Name Brands Hop into Crowdfunding

We have been giving you tips on how to succeed at Crowdfunding, how to set up your campaign, and also just showing you different sides of […]
August 30, 2014

Crowd Funding vs. Venture Capital

Startup businesses and entrepreneurs are constantly looking for creative ways to raise money, meet, goals, and grow their businesses, without having to acquire significant amounts of […]
August 21, 2014

Crowdfunding for the Arts

Despite Crowdfunding being relatively new in the world of finance, it has grown and being utilized for different purposes. Crowdfunding is not only being used to […]