Crowdfund | What is Crowdfundraiser?
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What is it and how does it all work?

At Crowdfundraiser, we host crowd-based funding projects for Business, Dance, Art, Comics, Sports, Fashion, Design, Film, Games, Photography, Food, Publishing, Theater and Technology. We built Crowdfundraiser to cater the financial needs of entrepreneurs, designers, artists, students and creatives who are behind these creative projects.

Choose How You Want to Get Funded

We provide all or nothing funding projects to protect the interest of fundraisers who find themselves stuck between a fraction of funds they need and an audience that expects them to deliver fully-funded results. Such projects not only minimize risks, but also make donors more likely to fund. Many of the projects on Crowdfundraiser have been successful with immense contributions from their sponsors, contributors or donors. In fact, no other funding method so far has been able to come even close to these numbers.

But, that doesn’t mean your obligated to go all or nothing. For a nominal additional fee, if your project represents funding for a charity, a school or other non-profit organization, our platform can help to provide the partial funding desired. All or nothing works best, but we recognize a one-size-fits-all approach to crowd funding isn’t ideal.

We’re Working to Make Crowdfundraiser Better

After hosting numerous projects, we’ve learned what works and what doesn’t when it comes to crowd fundraising. We are constantly learning and applying new methods to improve the site and user experience. We offer a wide range of learning resources to help creators, educators and businesses build great projects and ultimately get funded.

What Does it Cost?

Crowdfundraiser collects a nominal amount from the total amount raised from successful campaigns. For U.S.-based projects, funding is processed through Paypal or your favorite credit card. For more specific on pricing, please visit our pricing page.

Tap Your Network

The majority of support begins with people we know. Your friends, communities and fans will be your biggest sponsors. Your supporters will help spread the word about your projects. A good idea, when communicated well has the potential to spread fast.

Every Crowdfundraiser project has its own share of challenges and exhilarating moments. The total amount of work each project requires depends on the size and intricacy of the project. Each and every project has a life of its own, different level of activities and unexpected success.

Crowdfundraiser is an excellent platform for creative projects, where creators and sponsors come together to make a community or pre-fund a product or idea. Thousands have sponsored such projects and you can benefit by being one of them.

Enhance Your Project with a Video

While including video in your campaign will bolster your project’s overall success, including a video isn’t mandatory.

Funding Personal Projects

Crowdfundraiser is a funding platform dedicated to business and creative projects. These projects belong to different fields in Sports, Dance, Design, Art, Music, Photography, Comics, Fashion, Food, Publishing, Technology, Film & Video, Games, and Theater. It can include creative things like making a song album, writing a book or developing art. You can also use our platform to offer pre-pay for a product or service or use the platform to fund personal needs like travel, healthcare and charity. You may check our project guidelines for more detailed information.

We Don’t Curate or Screen

Our company never curates projects. Our views and opinion about your campaign will not impact whether or not it gets published–unless it’s illegal. For instance, we won’t reject a polka album just because it’s not amusing. We simply run a quick check to ensure projects submitted meet our guidelines.

What Happens After I Get Funded?

You are funded and it’s time you bring your project idea to life! Depending on the type of campaign you run, your sponsors’ cards are charged. Within two weeks, you can withdraw the fund through Paypal or other payment merchants, depending on your country of residence.

You can also choose to share your work progress with your supporters or sponsors. Be sure to post updates as your campaign progresses and meets your pre-arranged milestones. Your backers will love hearing about the progress of the project and this will keep them interested.

Once rewards are ready, our survey tool will help you collect all the necessary info from each backer. This includes sponsor mailing addresses and other pertinent information. You can ask a few of your community friends to help you fulfill backer rewards.

What if I Don’t Get Funded?

If your project on Crowdfundraiser fails to reach the funding goal, then no backers are charged and no financial transaction takes place, unless of course you want to take partial funding. If you still would like to receive the partial funds (like in the case of a charity funding or a non-profit financing) you can just choose to pay an additional nominal fee.

In the case of partial projects that don’t make it, there are still some positives to look for. Creators get useful and genuine feedback that helps them improve. They find new people to work with. Plus, campaign creators are always welcome to come up with new and improved versions of their failed projects.

Getting Featured

The Staff Picks area on the site showcases current successful projects. We highlight projects that have the potential to attract attention. Projects with interesting videos, fairly-priced rewards, and a good story usually become Staff Picks.

You can check our FAQ section for more detailed Q&A. Feel free to contact us with specific questions.

It’s easy to start your own crowd fundraising campaign on