Crowdfund | Scout Fundraising
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Crowd Fundraising for Boy & Girl Scout Troops

The fundraising needs of boy and girl scout troops return year after year. Unfortunately, many scout troops remain well underfunded. It doesn’t have to be this way. We’ve helped a number of scout troops leverage the fundraising power of our cloud platform coupled with the hard-working spirit of the young men and women you represent in your program. To be specific, we help traditional fundraising events and activities raise more money by making it easy to contribute even small amounts. Scout troops can still provide service-for-fundraising in the following ways:

  • Picking up and delivering Christmas trees during the holidays
  • Selling cookies, candy bars and other goodies
  • Providing work-for-hire with anything from babysitting to landscaping and construction
  • Flag subscriptions for posting United States flags in the morning (and for take down in the evening) during six or seven key holidays during the year

Each of the aforementioned activities can be greatly enhanced by utilizing our crowdfunding tools. For instance, a scout troop may hand out fliers reminding local homes of an upcoming Christmas tree pickup. Instead of asking for cash donations, the homeowners can simply pay by Paypal or Credit Card right from their home computer, allowing them to support the troop with funds as little as a dollar, even if the troop doesn’t actually pick-up or deliver. This has been proven to significantly increase the amount of money raised for scout programs.

Building Your Campaign

It’s easy to start your own crowd fundraising campaign on Simply start your free account, choose the goal your troop is looking to achieve and then pick different levels and options for contribution, depending on the services the troop may provide. Including videos, music, images, a description of the troop and how the specific funds will be used for the boys and girls will be helpful in gaining more support and donations. In fact, our own internal numbers suggest that donations increase by as much as 90% when coupled with a product, service or a reward in return.

We encourage more participation and contribution by providing quality and meaningful rewards and service in exchange for the money donated. In doing so, you’ll not only more quickly and easily meet your financing goals, but you’ll also help to instill more values in the youth with whom you work and serve.