Crowdfund | Our Partners
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Our Partners


From accredited institutions to non-accredited individuals, we cover the gambit of crowdfunding investors.


Our investment partners include some of the most sophisticated start-up advisors who’ve helped to build world-class billion dollar enterprises. We connect the dots between both institutional and retail investment partners and our growth business investments to ensure seamless business planning, optimization and growth benchmarks are achieved. Once one deal has been executed with ample returns provided to investors, larger and more lucrative and interesting opportunities often follow.


Our founding entrepreneurs receive more than simple capital investment into their ventures. They get the hands-on assistance of top minds from industries that match their business profile. The right partner companies from our investors’ perspective typically means the right niches and markets that fit their desired investment goals. Our partner companies are typically filled with seasoned visionaries and business owners looking for growth investment capital. In addition, once an entrepreneur receives a substantial exit, investors are more apt to work with them again on future projects. Is partnering with us right for you? Please get in touch.


We don’t compete directly with any equity crowdfunding portal. We partner with them.


We use all the major available equity crowdfunding platforms on the market to source for deal origination. Not only do we not compete with them, we regularly use their platforms to find deals our investors want to finance. It’s a win-win-win for investors, crowdfund platforms and growth entrepreneurs. We’re situated somewhere in the middle.