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Join our network of sophisticated, knowledgeable crowdfund investors.


Banks, broker-dealers, savings & loan firms and insurance companies will benefit from diversified risk and 100% crowdfund liquidity.


Accredited investors can help hedge risk while still participating in the potential upside of a unique and promising crowdfund opportunities.


Non-accredited investors benefit from liquid stock and diversified risk. In addition, such investors eliminate annual investment limits in crowdfunded deals.

Regardless of the size or quantity of subscription investors are willing to make in crowdfunding deals, the opportunity available through this new financing medium should not be underplayed. Outside of rewards-based crowdsourcing for capital, equity crowdfunding represents the proverbial elephant in the room for investors and entrepreneurs alike.


We work to bring together qualified investors with hungry entrepreneurs and business owners. By sourcing the large numbers of opportunities and collating opportunities, we provide our investment partners not only with better deal flow, but greater opportunities for experiencing a positive return on investment in both the short and long term


We provide several key functions for our investor partners:
  • Deal sourcing & deal origination
  • Investor connecting &am; networking
  • Investment diversification through traded funds
  • Investor Liquidity & Investor “Exit”


While we like to say we’ll take a look at any deal and any investor, we’re fairly selective at the types of opportunities we’ll entertain. To be more specific, we like deals that:

  • Include asset-backed securities like real estate and commercial property.
  • Include intellectual property and a protected position as market leader.
  • Platform companies with existing revenues and a clear path to growth, not just startup businesses.
  • Have existing contracts and networks with the experienced management that can deliver.
  • Have positive earnings, where possible.

Unlike other firms, we’re platform agnostic. Crowdfundraiser does not run a crowdfunding portal. We partner with equity-based platforms that target accredited and qualified individual and institutional investment clients looking to jump into the crowdfunding market.


Equity Based


Lending Based


Reward Based


Donation Based