Crowdfund | Crowdfunding for Your Next Family Reunion
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Crowdfunding for Your Next Family Reunion

Those who have heard of, or who even might be vaguely familiar with crowd funding most likely think that it mostly pertains to business. While crowd funding does in fact have a high success rate among small startup businesses, it can also be used to generate support for a wide range of other projects or purposes, one of these ideas can even include family reunions.Family Reunion

Using crowd funding to raise support and generate donations for a family reunion can be highly successful, particularly for larger families where the cost might escalate quickly if a venue or catering is needed. Here are some tactics on how families and friends can use crowd funding to help support their family reunions.

Brainstorm ideas. Crowd funding for large family reunions can require a lot of detailed planning. First, families can begin with crowd funding by first generating and brainstorming ideas. Where should the reunion be held? Is a particular venue needed to accommodate the large number of guests? Will children’s entertainment be needed? What other forms of entertainment are needed? Is a potluck or catering best? Family members and guests will also have the opportunity to pitch their ideas and then organization and making arrangements can take place afterwards.

Generate awareness. Once ideas are gathered and details and organization is put into place, the next step is to generate awareness. Crowd funding family reunions such as this can be exposed via social media. Generating awareness will attract family members and guests, allow them to provide information, and even show their support by making a pledge or donation, or maybe offering to bring a potluck meal.

Pledge packages. Once the family reunion is organized and “out there”, family members can then choose to make a pledge or donation. Some crowd funding sites will allow crowd funding creators to create “packages”, where visitors can select a package amount, ranging from $1 to $1,000 (or higher, depending on the needs of the project or idea).

Set a goal. Setting a goal and making it public will ensure that visitors and family members are aware of the total cost of a family reunion as well as a deadline to reach the particular funding goal, which will allow them to make a pledge accordingly.

Crowd funding isn’t solely for small businesses or start ups. Many “entrepreneurs” or creators are getting creative in their crowd funding projects. One project, as we’ve seen here, is family reunions. Crowd funding for family reunions can be particularly successful for those large families or for families who are dispersed nationally or even internationally.

Crowd funding is a successful way to get all family members involved, invite and encourage them to participate as much as they like, and generate the support needed to reach the overall crowd funding goal. After all, what is family for?