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Alternative Financing for Business Equity

Equity crowdfunding represents one of the greatest steps forward for small business capital formation in a generation

The success of crowd fundraising is underpinned by the desire by people to play a role and participate in the creation of new projects, new businesses and new ideas. When you have another great business idea, need capital to pre-pay for product or service or simply would like to expand your business, our platform is here to help.

Before launching Crowdfundraiser, our principals have assisted in raising millions for companies looking to start, grow and expand their businesses. To us, raising capital is nothing new. We’ve expanded our expertise to our own online platform where we assist entrepreneurs and business owners in building out effective and meaningful campaigns for launching their next business venture.

The money for projects comes from numerous people who visit Crowdfundraiser every day. Additional support can be obtained from friends, family and the members of the community for which the project is intended. Of course, proper communication of the project and its details is vital to ensuring your campaign is a success. This means social media channels–including Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin–should be readily utilized to ensure your campaign gets the most exposure possible.

Crowdfunding represents a powerful fundraising tool for small to medium businesses. The latest equity crowdfunding rules from Title II, Reg A+ and Title III hold extreme promise for business financing.

Your Business Plan

Every project has its fair share of challenges; but the success of a project is immensely rewarding. Again, the challenges you face depend on how well you have handled the necessary logistical issues, and the overall complexity of the project and its goals.

If you are seeking funding for business projects and ideas, then that is where our team can help you excel. To date, we’ve helped business owners raise millions of dollars by using both traditional and crowdfunding methods. Our online tools are on-par with some of the most robust and well-known platforms in the industry. Ultimately, the exposure of your campaign is up to your ability to get the word out to your network. We simply provide the tools for making that easier.

Tap the power of the crowd for unlimited business funding potential

Contact us to learn more about the cost of preparing and promoting your equity crowdfunding offering

Rules & Regulations

We love to assist entrepreneurs and business owners in their crowdfunding efforts. We are a registered Broker-Dealer and can allow solicitation or offers for equity, licensing, royalties or other forms of business ownership in any project you pitch on our sites. Please be advised that such projects fail to meet our terms of service and will be cancelled.

We are always available here to answer your questions. We also recommend that you check the FAQ section for additional information. You can check out Crowdfundraiser tips section if you want to know more about how you can start and run your project.

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